The Smartly website presents reliable and independent descriptions and comparisons of home automation systems and smart devices. Our aim is to help you make well-informed decisions on your journey to a fully automated home. We publish thousands of accurate and objective third-party product comparisons and reviews of different home automation and smart home products. Some of the products that we cover include smart locks, smart cameras, smart doorbells, smart thermostats and robotic vacuums.

Competent team

Our team is composed of top reviewers and editors, who have specialized in home automation and smart devices. Their capability to research the market and assess the best choices ensures only the best products are reviewed. The Smartly has a defined separation between the sales team and the editorial team. The sales team begins looking for means to create revenue from the content created after the editorial completes a review to ensure the interests of the teams don’t collide.

How We Work

We examine various markets, keeping in mind the key trends in home automation systems and smart devices so as to decide the smart devices to cover. In the process, we may even end up researching about hundreds of choices in only one category, so that we can have a short-list, which usually comprises of 10 products. The top picks are ranked, evaluated and presented as either reviews or comparisons.

Unbiased Content

We focus on all your needs by ensuring that we only publish content that is thorough, credible and unbiased. The products that we review and recommend offer valuable and clear consumer benefits. We only develop content for products that users have rated as satisfactory. We carry our tests from the actual products or interviews from people who have already used the product. The tests help us gather data on product attributes such as ease of use, features and performance. The data is rated, and the ratings are ranked so as to have an overall score, which is used to rank the product in the top-10 category.

Our Commitment

We are committed to maintaining transparency and clarity in the way we work when presenting advice and information. We try to obtain and use the products we review to give factual information to our readers. At times, we may borrow the items from manufacturers or purchase them as regular customers without any attached conditions. Consequently, we can use them just like any consumer would do so as to assess and identify the most important features, strengths and weakness.


Products and markets are inevitable to change over time, especially in the technology field where new advancements are coming up every day. At Smartly, we update our product comparisons, reviews and lineups continually to ensure we are always offering the most useful and relevant advice and information to our readers. So, this is the place where you will get the latest and most useful information about home automation and smart home devices.