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The August Doorbell Cam has a video camera, speakers and mic and therefore, you can see who is at the door and communicate with them through your iPhone or connected device. This ensures that the safety of homes is assured since it incorporates a one-way camera which enables one to view who is at the door even when one is away from home. Other members of the household can be invited so that they are informed of guests at their door.august-doorbell-cam

How it works

When a guest presses the doorbell, a doorbell chime in the house and a push notification is sent to your iPhone. On receiving this notification, one goes to the August app to see his guests. Through this app, one may communicate with them through a push to talk button. A good Wi-Fi connectivity is required for communication take place without delay. Communication may not be effective with poor internet connectivity. The August Doorbell Technology lacks the capability to record videos since it uses live feeds. Developers have however said that they will add such a feature in the future


The August doorbell Cam incorporates very attractive features that are beyond those of a regular doorbell.

  • Live Video Feed: The technology has a live video feed that enables real-time monitoring and therefore all activity on your doorstep can be monitored at all times.
  • One-way HD cameras: The use of one-way cameras enables one to view their guest while they, on the other hand, don’t see you. One-way HD cameras ensure the privacy of the owner of the house.
  • Remote Monitoring: One can monitor who is at their doorstep even when away. One gets real-time alerts whenever the doorbell is rung. You can communicate with your visitors even you’re away from home.
  • Adaptability: When one decides to use this system, they are not required to install new facilities. The system uses existing wiring systems of an ordinary doorbell and uses existing house voltage of between 16 and 24 volts.
  • Apple Watch application: The technology uses this application for the sole purpose of opening and closing the door if you have August Smart Lock Installed. It enables one to open the door for guests without necessarily walking to the door to open for them. This also applies when one wants to lock the door.


August Doorbell Cam is installed like an ordinary doorbell. One may decide to install it themselves or seek the services of an electrical technician who has the know-how of installing such smart devices.

The guidelines of installing this technology are:

  1. A power source the technology uses a voltage of between 16 and 24 volts just like an ordinary doorbell. A proper power connection is required to ensure that the facility operates properly and also to avoid hazards such as electrical shocks.
  2. Mounting plates, screws and wall anchors. These are used for mounting the doorbell cam. A mounting wedge may also be needed to ensure that the doorbell is fixed firmly on the door and thus burglars may not be able to tamper with it. One may use a drill, hammer and screwdriver to mount the plates and wall anchors.
  3. An iPhone- you may need an iPhone for communication with this system. Using the phone one downloads the August doorbell application. You then configure the doorbell so that the system is commissioned for use on the phone. This involves setting up an account.
  4. At this stage, the system is tested to ensure all the systems are working well. If the LED indicator on your doorbell flashes green, it means that the system is well installed and is working as properly. The doorbell is configured to connect to the Wi-Fi to allow access by the desired mobile devices.

Video Quality

It has an in-built 140-degree camera that has a 1280*960 pixel video streaming resolution. This enables the camera to capture all activities at the doorstep clearly. The video quality also depends on the environmental conditions. Images and videos are clear during the day but may blur slightly at night. Extra lighting is required to ensure it continues operating effectively. Subsequently, it is somehow tricky to handle issues to do with brightness since excessive brightness means that images and videos are not clear.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is assured with this technology, and communication between both parties usually takes place effectively since the sound is of good quality. One uses a push talk button to relay their message which ensures that the message is relayed effectively. The iPhone application enables one to control the sound volume.

Pros & Cons


  • 140-degree camera with a 1280*960 pixel video streaming resolution: It allows the camera capture all activities at the doorstep.
  • Has excellent video and audio quality
  • The doorbell iPhone App has a simple layout which makes it easy to use.
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Live feeds of the videos and pictures
  • Remote operation even when one is away from home.
  • The system is small in size, which makes it convenient to use since it does not require many facilities.
  • Easy to set up
  • Weather resistant
  • Night vision
  • Smart design


  • Photos and videos cannot be stored for future references.
  • The camera does not have night vision which creates the need for extra lighting at night.
  • Poor Wi-Fi connectivity may mean distorted streaming of the pictures and videos which make communication difficult.


It is prudent to ensure that the home environment remains safe at all times. With emerging trends in the field of technology, it is important to keep up with this by adopting smart systems that are available in the market. With this in mind, August Doorbell Cam is well suited to solve all the door security concerns that may be having in your household. It is certainly one of the best smart camera doorbells every made thanks to its unique design and exceptional features.


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