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An intercom or intercommunication device is a communication device that allows people to communicate through the different compartments or rooms in a building. The communication could involve two or more people, and it may take place between people in different buildings or locations. The entire process happens over electronic devices which are usually mounted permanently on a building, vehicles, ships or airplanes. Walkie-talkies were the first intercom devices, and they were later followed by telephones and cell phones which people could use to communicate over a data or phone line.

Today, intercoms are more advanced, and they are mainly used in buildings. For instance, you could install an intercom in your residential house so as to communicate with other family members or monitor what is going on your kids’ room. Also, some intercom devices are fitted in entrance points like doors and gates. In such cases, the intercom notifies the homeowner about the arrival of a guest meaning you can either give or deny the guest the permission to access your premises remotely depending on whether you want to meet or not. Some of the most popular intercom systems are apartment entry intercoms, network intercoms, audio visual intercoms and audio intercoms.

Types of Intercoms

Intercoms come in a wide range of styles. Some of these styles are complicated to install and use, especially for new users, while others are simple to use. The styles are classified in two broad ways; the type of connection involved and the way they function. The following is a quick look at the types of intercoms based on the way they function.

  • Business intercoms: These intercom systems have numerous uses in businesses. For instance, they allow employees to communicate with many employees simultaneously. Grocery stores and departments may use intercom systems to communicate with their customers as well as employees. They help business owners keep their employees and customers updated on closing times and sales among other subjects.
  • Audio intercoms: Audio intercoms are also referred to as voice intercoms. They have a major unit which is joined to other minor units, which are installed in different parts of an apartment. The two units work together to allow communication between smaller parts of your house such as restrooms or bedrooms and main parts such as the kitchen or the living room. Some audio intercoms can be configured to play music in various rooms in your house, and at the same time, help you communicate with people in these rooms. You can use voice systems as to monitor your kid. The device will let you know when the baby is sound asleep or crying.
  • Video intercoms: They are just like audio intercoms, but they’ve an added feature of video transmission. They allow you to see the activities and events happening in the room that you are monitoring through a small display screen. Video intercom is ideal for families with kids because parents and other people can use it to check on their kids. With this device, you will no longer have to leave your kitchen or living room to go and see what kids are doing in the backyard or their room. The system is also very useful when you want to know the guest at your main gate or door right from the comfort of your room. Advanced video intercoms allow homeowners to lock or open their front doors even when away from home.

Types of intercoms based on the installation Feature

Wired systems

Also known hardwired intercoms, wired systems are installed on a network of cables which are connected to the main electrical circuit. They are also connected to other cables to transmit the signal recorded to the monitor or speaker in the main room. Hardwired systems are ideal for installation in apartments or homes that are still under construction because cables can be threaded easily without a lot of hassles. Installing them in already constructed buildings may demand a lot of drilling. It boasts higher signal quality for both visual and audio signals than wireless systems because they don’t undergo any interference. You can also improve signal quality by using high-quality cables.

Carrier current intercoms

They are directly connected to the existing AC wiring. It is easier to install them even in an already constructed building. The installation cost is relatively low because it uses the wiring carrying electrical current in the building.

Wireless systems

They are ideal for homeowners who don’t like seeing cables running across their homes. Wireless systems transmit inter communication signals in the form of radio frequencies. It is relatively cheaper than the wired systems because it doesn’t need special setup or additional wiring. The installation process is simple. You simply unpack the box, insert your ideal location and power it by inserting batteries. Some even have a portable receiver to allow you access the events happening remotely. The quality of the transmitted signal depends on the device and the separation distance between the receiver and the transmitting point.

Features of Intercoms

Intercoms have different features, most of which vary from one type to the other. The main distinctive features are the installation process and the mode of transmission. These two features are usually used to classify intercoms. It is imperative to keep in mind that these features vary from one system to another. Outlined below are common features that you will often find in most intercoms.

Mode of transmission

The basic modes are audio and video recording to record sound and video respectively. Both recording modes are either one-way or two-way depending on whether you want the other person to hear and see you. Two-way audio and one-way audio are ideal for use in access control. One-way audio and one-way video are ideal for monitoring your kids while two-way audio and two-way video are perfect for calling remote meetings, giving instructions and meetings.

Other features

  • Pan, zoom and tilt: They are available in intercoms with video communication capability. These control options help the apartment owner to focus on a particular location or trace movement over the device.
  • Access control: It is used to control the person entering or leaving your apartment or office. For this feature to work, the intercom system is connected to an access button which is pressed or tapped to allow a visitor in.
  • Call individual rooms: Wired systems are ideal for calling a specified individual room because each room is given a specific channel. Wireless systems usually broadcast to all connected stations.
  • Others: They include long range wireless feature to transmit signals over a mile, compatibility with existing phones and digital privacy wireless feature to ensure your communication remains private and secure.

Top 6 Intercom Systems Reviews

Nucleus Anywhere Intercom

Nucleus Start Home Intercom has been designed to connect all the rooms in your house with a monitor. It boasts lots of helpful features. It is easy to install intercom that works on Wi-Fi to allow video and audio chats from one room or home to another. You can use your mobile device to check what is happening on the monitor regardless of where you are. You can easily turn on don’t disturb mode if you want quality and quiet time. With these systems, you will see the entire room as well as the people in it, thanks to its wide-angle high definition camera.



  • Call capabilities for room-to-room, house-to-house and room-to-house
  • Remote access
  • Wide angle, high definition camera


  • The camera is highly sensitive to extreme lighting behind the subject, which produces dark and bright areas in the picture.

The Nucleus Intercom system helps homeowners save time, and at the same time keep in touch with their loved ones. It is the best system if you have kids and when you want to monitor your rooms remotely.

Chamberlin NLS2 Wireless Intercom

It is a wireless portable intercom that is ideal for offering reliable and easy communication between an office and a reception desk, apartment rooms or any two places separated by a distance of at most 1,000 feet. It comes as a double unit, and you only need to release to listen and push to talk. It weighs 1.3 pounds, and its installation isn’t complicated. It features secure and crystal clear 900MHz communication, audio monitor mode and a voice activating setting.



  • Easy property communication
  • Compatible with other Chamberlain Intercoms; NLS1, NTD2 and NDIS.
  • Up to 300 meters or 1000 foot range without a power connection or wires.
  • Offers expandable and convenient communication outside or inside a home.
  • Broadcast to all connected channels at once or communicate with one at a time


People who use the system a lot will need to replace batteries constantly, which may be a real pain to some users.

Chamberlin NLS2 Wireless Intercom is the best wireless intercom for detached garages, barns and out-buildings. You can connect it to an existing system of Chamberlain system thanks to its high compatibility. With this system, you can speak to broadcast to all connected stations and speak to a specific responding station.

Chamberlin NTD2 Wireless Indoor Outdoor Intercom

The NTD2 is easy to install and use. You simply need to release a button to listen or push it to talk. It has two units which are long lasting and identical. It is battery-operated and hence wireless. The system features a rugged, weather-resistant design, which makes it ideal for various applications. It is compatible with NDIS, NLS1 and NTD2 Chamberlain wireless intercoms.



  • Wide range of up to 300 meters
  • Compatible with Chamberlain intercoms
  • Weather resistant
  • Ideal for outdoor purposes
  • Simple to use because of the push to talk and release to listen button.


  • The delay between the time you push the button and talk is likely to confuse a non-techy person.

This easy to install to install intercom is the best home intercom system for you if you are looking for a weather resistant intercom with a range of 3000 meters. It is even better if you want to connect the system with other Chamberlain intercoms.

Digital 3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom System for Home and Office

Digital 3-Channel has a new 462 MHz FM radio circuit design that provides high quality and reliable wireless reception and voice transmission through the air. The system has easy and quick channel select buttons that are direct and have CTCSS code. It is ideal for use up to 500 feet in the line of sight.



  • Easy to install: Doesn’t need one power meter or 3-wire ground layout.
  • Buttons for light direct channels
  • Station label
  • Comes with an AC adapter


  • It can pick random signals which cause interference. Such signals lead to undesired operation.

Digital 3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom System for Home and Office is good for monitoring your child, but you should complement it with adult supervision. Remember to monitor your child’s activity regularly because the system will not alert you about silent activities.

Samcom 10-Channel Digital FM Wireless Intercom System for Home and Office

It is the intercommunication system to go for if you want to monitor your groundskeeper, nanny or employee right from the comfort of your room. The system comes with a small walkie-talkie. It can connect to another handheld two-way radio. It is suitable for use at home and in the office.



  • Easy to setup because no installation is needed. You can simply place it on a table or desktop.
  • Wide range of up to 300 meters
  • Monitor function or lock button for ten continuous hours.
  • Multi-channel operation feature for private conversations and listening


  • The signal is likely to be interfered by other wireless devices.

Intercom Central 246

This 3.7 pounds intercom by Intercom Central comprises of four units which are easier to hook up in the existing wiring in your business or home. It creates a direct communication network proportional to the size of your property. The intercom features public address-style function and large, easy-to-us buttons. It comes with a 1-year warranty.



  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for large apartments
  • 12-month warranty


  • It lacks a surge protector


Now you have a clear idea about intercoms, their features, available types and the best intercoms on the market. Consequently, you are best placed to choose the best intercom system that suits all your needs and budget. If you are considering to install an intercommunication device in your home, office or a commercial building, then be sure to consider the above intercoms. They have been tested, and customers who have already used them have rated them as the best so far. Give these intercoms a try today, and you will get to enjoy controlled access in your apartment or office, remote and real-time supervision and remote communication with your team. In other words, the systems will inevitably bring convenience right at your doorstep. If you want more advanced doorbells, check out the best smart doorbells.

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