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The Ring family is expanding, and the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the latest addition. The Ring Pro allows you to see and talk to the people outside your door using a computer, smartphone or tablet from the comfort of your living room and when away from home. The doorbell camera is way better than outdoor cameras as they don’t allow you to talk to the person outside. The Ring Pro is mounted on to the main door and connected to the wired connections in your home. It is so cool that it sends a push notification to your device, be it iOS or Android. Tap this notification, and you will be directed to the Ring Pro application, where you will enjoy a real-time view of the person pressing the doorbell. The camera itself is a 1080p and can connect to 5 GHz, which is a less crowded Wi-Fi spectrum making it more efficient and faster to use. When a person presses the doorbell, the Ring Pro sends a live video to your connected device from any place in the world, allowing you to see and talk to the person outside. It is amazingly a very easy to install. The following is a detailed Ring Doorbell Video Review that will definitely trigger the need for installing one in your front door.


How It Works

The Ring Pro is activated when a visitor pushes onto the doorknob. A push notification is sent to your connected device, which you can open to access the Ring Pro application. Tap on the Talk button to talk with your guest. It is configured to connect to your wireless router through the internet explaining why you can connect regardless of where you are. In this case, the router acts as a bridge between your device and the doorbell. You can see your guest at the door and even communicate with them, but they can’t see you.


The Ring Video Doorbell Pro has some great specifications that make them one of the best in the market. Some of these features include;

  • Motion Sensor: The motion sensor is far more sensitive than any previous versions, allowing for a higher degree of security as it can detect cars that drive by as well as people walking on the sidewalk. You can even draw zones so as not to get false annoying alarms.
  • Cloud-Based Video Recording Service: There is a thirty day trial period for their cloud-based DVR recording feature. You can playback and look at, share and download data recorded for the past one month. The price after the trial is really fair as it is only $3 a month and $30 for a one-year subscription.
  • Video Monitoring: It uses a connected device like a tablet, computer or a smartphone to turn on the camera remotely. It can record videos which you can download and watch or share later.
  • Highly compatible Application: There is a Ring Pro application for Android, iOS and Windows that will help you gain access to the camera. You only need a strong internet connection to see what is happening at your main door without delay.
  • Smartphone Convenience: This allows the homeowners to answer the doorbell at any time and from any part of the world using the connected tablet or smartphone.
  • One-way video and two-way audio: This means that the homeowner can communicate and at the same time, see the person outside the house. The guest can’t see the homeowner. The audio, however, is two-way hence you can talk with your guests.
  • HD Vision: The Ring Pro has 1080p full high definition vision with 5 times zoom.
  • Activity History: This means you can look at the events that happened while you were away. They may include answered video, missed visitors and the motions around the camera’s scope of view.


It has a very easy installation method which you can finish in a few minutes. It requires wired installation. The Ring Pro features a small power pack that is installed inside the casing of your mechanical doorbell chime. This provides the Ring Video Doorbell Pro with enough and efficient power to operate properly. The hassle though will be to find a right spot in the box to fit this power pack without interfering with the chimes. When it is all wired-up, the Ring Pro appears as a Wi-Fi hotspot, which you can connect to your tablet, smartphone or computer. The installation process is completed by configuring the Ring Pro application. It is that easy to track the real-time happenings outside the front door.

Video Quality

The quality of the video is quite impressive thanks to the 1080p camera resolution. The Ring Pro offers the best quality video in the market with a zoom of 5. This will enable you to clearly zoom out to identify your visitors even when few meters away from the camera doorbell.

Audio Quality

The audio in the Pro is amazing, and you will never have any issue of not understanding what the person outside the door is saying. It is two-way, unlike the video.

Pros and Cons


  1. The camera is a 1080p camera, meaning full High Definition video
  2. Cloud Base Video Recording Service with a thirty day trial period.
  3. Easy to install.
  4. Power pack that makes sure it is always operational.
  5. One can revisit missed visits.
  6. Very large scope of view of the camera and the view can be adjusted.
  7. Great video and audio quality.
  8. Android and iOS support.
  9. Simple App layout.
  10. Very sensitive motion sensors.
  11. Comes with four color choices or faceplates to pick from as to choose the one that best suits your home.


  1. The motion sensor is very sensitive and hence it may raise a lot of false alarms as cars drive by and people walk in the street.
  2. There are no controls for the camera itself.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a great gadget that is user-friendly and works well. It also camparable to skybell hd. It takes cool and amazing HD videos which are backed online by a cloud-based storage. The Ring Company has indeed made the Ring Pro with all your worries in mind. Consequently, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the doorbell to go for so as to have a reliable real-time tracking at your main door of your home. If you still in doubt then you can check all video doorbell reviews we did.

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