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SkyBell HD is a video integrated and Wi-Fi connected doorbell. It allows users to see and talk to people at the door using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Just like the normal standard doorbells, the SkyBell HD is mounted on the main door and connected to the wired connections in your home. It has an integrated video resolution of 1080p, which makes it give clear images and video of the person at the main door. When the person presses the doorbell button, the SkyBell HD sends a live video to your connected device, allowing you to talk with the person at the door. It is very easy to install and offers on-demand video as well as motion detection. The following is a detailed SkyBell HD Review that will help you know what to expect from this HD doorbell.


How it works

SkyBell HD begins recording video once its motion sensor is activated. When a person presses the doorbell button, the doorbell notifies your connected device that you have a visitor at the main door. The SkyBell HD is configured to connect to your wireless router which makes it connect with your device through the internet. A wireless router acts like the connecting bridge between your device and the doorbell. You can communicate with the visitor at the door through your phone as if you are video chatting, although it is only you who can see your guest. Your guest can’t see you.


The SkyBell HD has great features that make it work flawlessly. These features include;

  • Smartphone convenience: It allows homeowners to answer doorbell calls anywhere at any time using the connected tablet or smartphone.
  • Silent mode: It allows you to switch off the chime remotely so as to make the SkyBell notification ring on your smartphone only. Silent mode feature is extremely useful when sleeping.
  • Motion sensor: It has highly sensitive sensors that alert you whenever there is a person at the door. You will be alerted even if the person doesn’t press the doorbell button, which is a sure way of providing additional security.
  • Multiple users: The SkyBell HD can be configured and integrated for use with different connected devices, making it ideal for use by the entire family. In this case, all the connected devices are alerted whenever the bell rings.  
  • Video monitoring: It uses a connected device, be it a tablet, computer or smartphone to turn the camera on remotely. It can record videos, which you can download and watch later.
  • Weather resistant: The SkyBell HD is rugged for outdoor use. It is suitable for use in extreme weather conditions.
  • Two-way audio and one-way video: It has an inbuilt speaker that allows your guest to listen and communicate with you while the standing at the door. The one-way video feature allows you to see your guests on your device before answering.
  • Night vision: It is quite strong as it allows homeowners to see their guests at night up to six feet away from the doorbell camera.
  • Photo snapshots: You can use your tablet or smartphone to snap photos of your guests without them knowing.
  • HD Video: SkyBell HD provides 1080p full High Definition video streaming with 5 times zoom.
  • Live monitoring: You can monitor what is happening at your door right from your mobile device.
  • Activity history: You can review the events that occurred while you were away. The events include motion alerts, missed visitors and answered video.


SkyBell HD requires wired installation which takes time to set up. It is easy and should take you just a few minutes. However, the installation may take longer for people who aren’t used to installation tasks. To install your SkyBell HD, simply follow the guide below;

  1. Look for a power source: Connect your SkyBell HD to an existing doorbell wiring or a power adapter. If you are connecting it to a power adapter, be sure to connect it using a fuse to prevent it from burning your SkyBell HD.
  2. Attach mounting plate and attach the doorbell: You may need a drill to make screws for attaching the mounting plate. Pull the cables through the plate before attaching it to the wall completely.
  3. Download SkyBell HD app and configure: Open the app. It will tempt you to configure your SkyBell HD, which is very easy and straightforward.
  4. Test your SkyBell HD in action.

Video quality

The picture quality of this device is one of the best in the market thanks to its 1080p camera which very competitive to another product which you can read more in our ring doorbell pro review. The HD camera offers high-quality images and video with a delay of just I second. The night quality is pretty good and you can setup LED brightness. Setting up the SkyBell on 2.4 GHz network and configuring it on 5 GHz network improves the connection time and video quality significantly.

Audio quality

The audio quality is excellent and you will never have issues understanding what the person in front of your door is saying. The SkyBell application allows users to control the speaker and decrease the volume should you find that it is very loud.

Pros and cons


  • Android and iOS support
  • Motion sensors. They work greatly and they can snap intruders right away
  • 1080p HD camera which is a big bonus.
  • Night vision
  • Fish-eyed lens that gives the SkyBell HD a large field of view
  • Excellent audio and video quality
  • Simple app layout
  • Free and unlimited video clip downloads
  • Detailed history
  • Weatherproof
  • Flexible mobile application
  • On-demand video
  • One-way video streaming and two-way audio
  • Motion sensor activation
  • Small size


  • The motion sensor may send false alerts at times
  • Installation may be complicated, especially for beginners
  • Needs a power source to operate


It is the dream of every homeowner to automate his home and in the process make it smarter and more secure. SkyBell HD is one of the best doorbells that you will ever come across in the market. The unique combination of good design, features, positive SkyBell HD Reviews by people who have already installed it in their homes makes SkyBell HD worth every penny. This doorbell is reliable as it works flawlessly for quite long. If you are looking for a HD doorbell camera, then search no more. With SkyBell HD, you will be assured of high quality video with any delay or issues. Be sure to give it a try today and for real, it will never let you down. You can also check out other best wireless doorbells here.


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